Racing games for Android: The top pick

Racing games have earned a high reputation in the arena of mobile games. It overcomes the absence of physical buttons on phones. These games have more than ten million fans at present. Here is a list of the top ten racing games for Android:

Asphalt Xtreme: Rally Racing

It is a prominent name in the list of Top 10 racing games on features challenging tracks, smooth steering, and enhanced visuals. This game has taken the concept of rally racing to a whole different level. The track design, the car design, as well as the upgrades, speak about the minute attention and amount of work that is involved in developing this game. It boasts of multiplayer mode, engaging career mode as well as time-limited events.

Horizon Chase – World Tour

You are going to have an out of the ordinary racing game experience by choosing Horizon Chase’s. A wide array of people prefer to download this game as it does not consume too much of the internal storage of your mobile phone. It is going to run smoothly on low-end Android phones also. There are certain elements which are highly impressive about the Horizon Chase.

There are a total of eight unique control mechanisms which are inclusive of support for the gameplay controller. The solid colours and the striking visual elements make the number one choice of racing game enthusiasts. If you are willing to try a new game with a unique twist, you should refer to it without a second thought.

Gear Club

This game tops the list of the Top 10 racing games for your android phone. It is recognized to be one of the most visually impressive racing games available in the market. The super fluidic control mechanism allows you to steer the vehicle in the silky and smooth fashion. It has a plethora of elements which make it the number one contender in the list of best racing games on Android. You need to have a powerful smartphone to have a unique and out of the ordinary experience while playing this game.

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